Over the course of the past of weeks I had orchestrated something pretty crazy and new in my books. I had reached out to Peggi LePage, a mother agent who manages/develops some of Toronto's most talented models, with the idea of testing a few of them in a single day alongside my buddies Rupert and Andre. Rupert is one heck of a talented and accomplished photographer while Andre, while accomplished in his own right, has been someone I've looked up to for a long time now with his amazing portraiture work. We knew we had a similar approach when it came to portrait photography and we knew we wanted to collaborate on a project together. In a sense, we were really excited about the prospect of shooting all at once!

With the help of Ashley Huszti and doing an amazing makeup job on the models (as always!), this was also the first time collaborating with wardrobe stylist Aliecia Brissett who, needless to say, definitely killed it too! After a successful day, exhausted camera shutters, hot strobes, and the many rolls of film shot with Peggi's models - Oksana, Sarah, and Emily - we are super stoked to show you what we've created that weekend very soon! For now, here's some behind-the-scenes from that day shot by me while creeping around jamming to the new Black Panther album.

- Drew

models: @oksanarose with Lang Models (@langmodels), @sarah_macdo with B&M Models (@bnmmodels), and @emilyfleming_ with MA Peggi LePage (@peggilepage_modelsmakeup: @ashleyhusztibeauty styling: @asseenbyleesh


I wanted to make a really short and sweet, straight to the point blog post announcing an exciting project I'm working on that will be revealed later on this month/early March. I've planned a list of upcoming shoots for this project as well as something I'm excited about for people to potential get a hold of... "physically"! There will be more to come friends! And with that, I leave you with some Smooth Sailin' by Leon Bridges which inspired this recent shoot of mine with an amazing team! #vibes 

- Drew


Been a crazy time trying to get together with Zoë (dating back to the summer!), but we finally got to shoot while she was in town for work these last few weeks. We set up in one of her family member's gorgeous places out at the beaches for some homey vibes. Although we didn't get as much sunlight as we would've liked to that day, we really enjoyed this shoot and were pretty happy making these portraits.  Here's some of those pics shot on film.

- Drew

model: @zoegrayy


I took these pictures of my new friend Colleen Davies at her condo the other week! We both wanted to do something a little more laid back, getting into some really intimate and implied portraits which we shot a couple of on film. I still took some cool colour graded digitals as well, but I feel the limiting of a frame count on a portrait shoot really open doors for creativity when looking for "the shot"! Also, according to her, she hasn't modelled much or for too long - but can you tell?!

- Drew