This Open Space is a service that helps creatives gain access to locations around their city they typically wouldn't have access to otherwise. It's a website I came across during the first few weeks I started college as I constantly tried finding new spots to shoot portraiture. It works similar to AirBnb and you can rent spaces from 1 hour to a full day, however the spaces available are typically large lofts and unique studios used for art galleries, pop-ups and for commercial photography or videography. 

The organizers of TOS here in Toronto recently held their first meet-up event inviting guests who signed up to the service for full access to the Lever Brother's Factory off the Don Roadway for a day, which was not open to the public since 2009. It's a run down warehouse now with vacant spaces and everyone who came out had a chance to walk around to shoot industrial photo and video. Me being who I am, I wanted to see if I could bring a few friends along and shoot portraits in a very unique place different than anywhere I've ever shot at before. Enter my old friend Twayne (@pereirapixels) who I caught up with beforehand the event to talk about how far we've come in photography and catching up. We were excited to visit the factory to shoot some pictures! Twayne and I assisted each other at out first event slash paid gig for University of Toronto, so it was refreshing to see what he was up to now. He shoots 35mm film as well as 120mm, which in this digital day and age, is a very rare niche and I'm glad he's keeping the essence of film alive. I also brought along my friend Charles (@wandergasm) who's a Youtuber, Instagramer and traveller from London. We met one day when I went on a shoot at the Page One cafe he worked at and ended up talking about photography, eventually planning to shoot together sometime for his Instagram. Needless to say, this was the perfect opportunity to get some interesting shots!

You can check out the gallery bellow to witness our exploration in the seven story factory which we had a few hours we had to shoot in. 


I want to thank the organizers from @thisopenspace, @firstgulf and @hashtagpaid for giving the creatives of Toronto who came to this event a chance to shoot at the factory. We look forward to future events like this and I recommend everyone to check them out for yourself as well at www.thisopenspace.com.