You may have heard me say this before, but spontaneous shoots are the best shoots!

Katie and I spent an afternoon shooting in my sister's cozy little apartment downtown Toronto while also keeping Larry the cat company. We came into this shoot with some pretty raw ideas, which at one point included having some fun with a few of my brother's lightsabers for a little Star Wars themed session. (It was May the 4th. Totally appropriate.)

I think the best part of our shoot was that we just set up, changed and started shooting right away and a lot of the ideas we had came pretty naturally. And honestly, whatever looked good in the lighting we had all turned out amazing in the end anyway. Katie's a very talented actress as well and that sort of background really helped for this set as she came up with some really good emotion and poses on the fly. She's a pretty awesome person to work with and it was a lot of fun coming up with ideas with her. And Larry!!

Check out our mini gallery from our shoot that afternoon. 

- Drew