I'm not going to hide the fact I've been a little inactive on my website. A lot of things have been going during this summer from taking a summer course for a few months, assisting and managing a studio and shooting on the days I feel creative. Not to mention having a few days in between to catch a breather and spend some time with family and friends. 

Nothing in my life has really changed drastically or anything like that, if anything, I'd need it, but I've noticed I've neglected my website and my blog for too long while I was previously promising new sets more frequently. Well now my summer is over and I'm currently back at school and some of that work will cause me to shift focus on passing obviously. I'm hoping it won't hinder what I really want to get done as soon as possible for the site. I've also been plotting new things for the site as far as new/different content I'm eager to curate and a change in layout goes.

I'll be archiving some of my older work to keep consistencies and really clamp down on my galleries, but I'll be coming back with a lot more for the page to finish off the year. It's been a crazy one so far and looking back at recent blog posts of '17, I'm happy with the direction my photography is going. Meeting new people and having opportunities to do some cool things with them. I really want to find myself having more of these opportunities and having more doors to knock on to keep myself active and motivated. 

I just wanted to update the blog for anyone who cares to read about what happens in my photography career and I don't wanna leave anyone hanging. (I love whoever you are who even got this far!) I do update my Instagram almost daily and is really where most of my recent work goes. But you're hearing it first here (or reading it) and that is I'll be really kicking myself in the ass and focusing on projects, ideas and concepts I've been really inspired to tackle. And I wanna say my bad in advance if I go MIA again due to school while still trying to keep up with shooting more portraits! 

Enough words though! Being optimistic, I hope in the next few posts the site will be looking a whole lot newer and refreshed! Until then...

- Drew