Shooting with Jenn this past weekend was great! I had some time to spare the day after Canada Day hoping neither of us were too hungover or slow from our respective nights out. But fortunately, that wasn't the case and we were ready to go rain or shine, dead or alive! 

I was still staying at my sister's place near Ryerson's campus while they were out of town camping and figured the lighting and weather that day was incredible for a shoot in the apartment. Jenn came down for a shoot and we immediately got into things, just having lots fun with it. We spent time talking about photography, modeling, sipping wine and just getting creative with this shoot. We found one of my sister's masks she purchased in Venice on display and thought it'd be a good inclusion to the set. It's crazy when shoots go so well, so quick. Definitely check out what she's capable of doing infront of the lens in the gallery below! 

- Drew