Recently I've been looking for what it is that defines my style of photography. Problem, right? For years I've been going back and forth between a clean, contrasty, colourful and warm tone in my pictures to very whimsical looking photographs I feel I over edit. 

As I continued shooting I've felt that a few different styles please me more than I thought. One look I've been focused on in my current edits incorporates an interesting and timeless grainy film look. I've given it a try many times before and get the inspiration by a lot of photographers I follow on social media. I try and take away what appeals to me from these photographers and take a closer look at their approach in editing and story telling in their images. I've always liked how much emotion comes across a photo edited this way. I tend to purposefully shoot in higher ISO's for intentional grain and play with the colours and curves of the photo to achieve the faded film look - it all looks so fulfilling in the end as far as portraits go.

On one of my more recent shoots with Maddie, I worked on a process I felt could help me to achieve this look. Although I would have liked to add even more grain, I remembered how much joy I have editing images this way. While touching up these images I still tried to keep the moment captured in its most natural state, not over-editing on any blemishes but rather welcoming little flaws in the photo. I kept the emotion raw and organic, because certain imperfections make a perfect picture for me. (Although Maddie is far from imperfect!)

I encourage photographers and artists in other mediums to venture in different genres, styles and techniques. If you're ever stuck wondering how to speak through your work, try something new or something you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to. Aesthetic and consistency is something I’m often attracted to and I think that will help define my style when it's all said and done. But At the end of the day, you really want to just have fun with creating art and sharing memories. 

- Drew