New wave of Tashakopoooon photos coming at you! *emoji of a wave*

Got together again with this lovely girl for a second shoot! This time we shot in my good friend Zeik's (@zeikgraphic) pad in Parkdale. The same spot a few Instagramers and I visit for "editing sessions." Until one of us cracks open a beer while we devour some of Zeik's amazing cooking. (Shoutout Wave Nashe)

Zeik was the man and prepared us some well needed brunch before our shoot. Although, we really just sat around catching up for a few hours before Tasha and I actually started shooting. The shoot was relatively quick and casual, but because Tasha's bomb we were able to get some pretty fun portraits in Zeik's place, which is beyond photogenic. He's got some cool backdrops, corners and spots as well as good lighting in his apartment, it was just the perfect place! Check out the gallery below and cycle through some of those bangers!

- Drew