Having to put down my camera to take care of other things in my life, this little two-week break of mine came to an end shooting once again, this time with my new friend Maddy! 

We ended up shooting in her and her roommate's condo downtown and I loved the layout of Maddy's place - which also had some really good lighting. As for getting into shooting, I really needed to get back into sparking that creativity. I haven't taken off this long of a stint and thats largely due to scheduling conflicts and other obligations. Sometimes its a little difficult or at least tricky getting into things after being stagnant for a a pinch while wanting to try a million new things. Nevertheless, its best to adapt to the shoot and let it come to you as well, and just have fun! I can't wait to be shooting more and posting a lot more photoblogs this August - I'm back in my happy place! Check out the photos me and Maddy snapped together below.

- Drew