As sweet as shooting on the beach feels, no, we're still here in Toronto.

Recently I went outdoors for a nice golden hour shoot with the lovely Mya Sheffield. It's been a while since I ventured outside for a shoot! We chose to shoot at Sunnyside Beach (just south of High Park) because of the lack of people who would be hanging out around here this early in April. We were actually lucky to have had the beach essentially to ourselves during one of the few sunsets earlier this month, as well as some beautiful spring weather.

The two of us met a little earlier that day to plan out our shoot, but we decided to wait it out until the sun set to get that perfect lighting. In the meantime we drove around finding shady/evenly lit streets around High Park Village to shoot some impromptu portraits in her car, which actually turned out awesome! And in the end when we arrived back back at Sunnyside Beach, we caught the perfect time where the sun sets just behind the condos on Lakeshore. I really loved how the colours turned out so definitely check out the gallery below. I'm really eager to start shooting more outdoors this summer!

- Drew