Excited to share this set I did with Courtney Conway - and what a fun shoot it was! We spent a day in my friend Trish's (@trishbastone) sweet bungalow in the Yorkdale area for some moody portraits. It was interesting for me to shoot with Courtney, who had previously shot with a few of my inspirations in Jeff Isy and Mark Harless and to see her in my viewfinder was pretty incredible. It made my shoot that much easier and open to try out new things! We came up with a few different series of photos around the house that seemed to be very photogenic in ever inch and corner of the place. Regardless of the terrible weather (and thus light, to a degree) we managed to come up with interesting portraits.

Quick update, I have been back logged on a couple of shoots and a few things were subject to change but Portrait III will be available to view next month. Portrait III will include some extra photos from this set as well as these next few shoots I'll be doing and editing for all of April and May. 

For now, check out some of these amazing photos of Courtney below for now - more to come these next few weeks!

- Drew