Well, my summer is finally here and I'm loving the opportunities I have being able to go outside again and shooting during sundown. What better way to kick off my first moments of relaxation with none other than Hallea Jones - she is just one fun girl to shoot with!

We met around just before sundown at Riverdale Park in the east side of Toronto, to enjoy the view of the city, the fresh air and the golden hour sunset! Hallea along with her boyfriend Dale Whibley, who also tagged along for the shoot, were both onboard in getting creative really quickly as the sun was winding down. We managed to make the most of the park's little pockets of photogenic corners and backdrops, and we also got lucky finding one lone blossom bush. Dale's a really nice guy and a champ for helping us out with the photoshoot - also got the chance to jump in on a few pictures as well!

Hanging out, getting creative and just taking pictures on a nice relaxing day is what I hope this upcoming summer will be all about! I look forward to the many shoots I've planned for these next few weeks and excited to bring out more content in a more frequent basis. This quick little set with Hallea and Dale was a good kick off to the break - so check em out!

- Drew